Who is Hector Gracie, the Mexican CEO of Santander Global?

Written by Elizabeth Lopez…on June 20, 2022

He will take office on January 1, 2023. Photo: Exclusive

From January 1, 2023Mexico’s Hector Gracie Chica will take over as Banco Santander’s global CEO, thus replacing him. Jose Antonio Alvarez, who will continue to serve as non-executive vice president.

According to the Spanish Foundation, Grisi, who is currently CEO and CEO of Santander Mexico, will continue in his position until December 31, 2022 and will be the Santander Mexico Board of Directors, Corporate Practice, Nominations and Compensation, who will take over their duties. Initiate the selection process General Administration of Santander Mexico.

In light of this, Ana Botín, President of Santander, expressed confidence in the appointment of Grisi as the new CEO, given that he has decades of experience and deep knowledge of markets and business lines, as well as highlighting him through his good leadership, teamwork and ability to create Value for customers and shareholders.

For his part, Gracey expressed his commitment to continue building a suitable platform for financial services on a global level, which allows clients and the communities in which they are located, to achieve better progress, all within the scope of Responsible and sustainable.

With this appointment, Gracie will become the top leader in the Mexican hierarchy in the worldwide banking system.

Who is Hector Gracie?

In 2019, Hector Gries was appointed President of Santander North America and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Financiero Santander México, Banco Santander México, Casa de Bolsa Santander, SantanderConsumo, Santander Hipotecario, Santander Vivienda and Santander Holding USA.

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Prior to that, he served as CEO and CEO of Grupo Financiero Credit Suisse (Mexico), and CEO and Director of Investment Banking at Credit Suisse Mexico. At the same time, he was vice president of the Mexican Banks Association.

As part of his education, he has Certificate in Finance from the University of Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where he graduated with honors.

Since his career in Santander, in 2015, he has unleashed the transformation of the institution, and has managed to position it as The second largest country in the country and implemented a larger investment plan than 1,000 million dollars.


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