Royal Family, the decision has been made and there is no going back: he has abdicated |  The son takes the crown

Royal Family, the decision has been made and there is no turning back. He makes his son inherit everything.

This, there is no point in denying it or going around it too much, No one expected itOr rather, not now. If something happens. As many would say, he could have done it well before. never There were a lot of English people Which, surveys and data are on hand, at least initially They preferred to William throne with Kate Instead of Carlo and Camilla.

The truth is Beloved son of Elizabeth He did not want in any way at first to give up the crown. And so it was official last May 6, 2023 Crowned king. Next to him there His beloved CamillaHis second wife and great love of a lifetime. in the end She has given up the role of lover He was able to experience their bond in public.

Even the English people He slowly began to appreciate her as a woman. It is no coincidence that she is considered equal to the divine Kate MiddletonA symbol of elegance and elegance for many women. Among other things, he has a good relationship with his daughter-in-law. It is not for nothing that, being a good photographer, A Take his official photos.

Years later, the royal family decided to abdicate in favor of their son

The truth is William's wife According to some rumours, he would not have understood the decision very much mother in law That a very small number of her family members, who are very close to them, will be present on the coronation day. In any case, then Disagreements He was there now, as they say, A thing of the past.

The same cannot be said about those that are still in effect between them Carlo and his second son. Let's talk about Harry Which was always seen as The black sheep of the legendary royal family. Even older brother William At odds with him. This was sure to be a source of great disappointment Mother Diana Which, however, can now rejoice from heaven. We're talking about Abdication in favor of his eldest son.

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Royal family travel directions

Queen Margaret leaves the crown to Federico

In fact, she wouldn't be much interested in looking at that Carlo He has no intention, at least for now, of making this gesture. And in fact, to do so, after so many years of rule, She was the Queen of Denmark. So let's talk about Margherita pizza Who declared “everything” New Year's Eve live on national television, leaving his subjects stunned.

He will ascend the throne His beloved son Federico But for the official coronation we have to wait until January 14th. very soon The guard will be changed That is why there is great excitement in the nation. It is rumored that the mother abdicated the throne Covering up some scandals Which would concern his heir.


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