Germany, Friedrich Mers is the new head of the CDU: elected with 95% of the vote.  With him, the conservative wing of the party returns

Friedrich Merz Is it new President DelChristian Democratic Union From Germany (CDU). Online voting result saw his victory with 94.62% (915 of 983 delegates present) of votes and 16 abstentions and will be formalized on January 31 with vote confirmation by mail. The financial lawyer succeeds armin Lashet, defeated in the federal election in September as Candidate for the position of university president. Mears’ election is not just his election personal victory, but also a kind of victory over party officials who deprived him of a majority in two congresses. It is a choice in favor of this part more conservative Party: Change the font after the end of the era Angela Merkel.

Merz takes over the party later the Electoral jingle 24.1% September And he begins to turn pages regarding the policies of the former German chancellor. and the the third Leader To take over the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union after Merkel announced in 2018 to want the retirement from politics. Merz has since tried unsuccessfully to take over CDU, but was beaten earlier I got Kramp Karenbauer then who armin Lashet, then forced two leaders to throw in the towel in the face of poor results. Merz won a December Consultation with the Christian Democratic base – the first in the party’s history – that asserts itself against Norbert Roetgen And the Merkele Helge Brown.

Lawyer, businessman, devout Catholic, hobby pilot, d 66enne Friedrich Merz was born in Brilon, in North Rhine-Westphalia, andNovember 11, 1955. It was Electrical and mechanical engineering between 1989 and the 1994, Member of the Bundestag between 1994 and the 2009 e President from the parliamentary group Cdu / Csu between 2000 and the 2002. Married and the father of three, Merz has been one of the voices of recent years more important Inside the CDU compared to Merkel administration. strong supporter of then and one defense EuropeanIn previous statements, he issued statements inconsistent with the positions of the moderate wing of the party, and attributed the increase in social costs toinflux of immigrants Or by distancing himself from the discussion about language From gender.

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Returning to the Bundestag in the last elections, Frederick Merz faces a task To merge the match and help him get used to the unusual role ofopposition after 16 years of rule. At the same time, he should try normalization Relationship that is incompatible withBavarian Pavilion of the Christian Democrats, which was further complicated during the last election campaign, after Armin Laschet dominated the leader of the Christian Social Union Marcus sweder As a candidate for the position of advisor.

However, the newly elected president of the CDU will have to do just that to celebrate His victory without Angela Merkel and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. In fact, according to what he reveals SpiegelMerkel ha to reject The dinner invitation Merz invited everyone former presidents Christian Democrats, determined to give a Reconciliation sign to its historical political opponent. According to the German weekly, the former chancellor gave reasons for the agenda. Instead they accepted Armin Laschet, the defeated outgoing president in the federal election, and Wolfgang Schäuble.


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