India is in crisis, but in China they are

An account linked to Communist Party The People’s Republic of China is downloaded to Weibo, Chinese social media, photo The confrontation between China and India.

By China The launch photo is called the first unit of the Chinese space station Heavenly Palace; On the other hand, in orderIndiaPicture of some of the cremation fires in the streets, with doctors busy around.

Comparison first and foremost offensive, but also unhappy In light of the facts discovered today: a part of the Chinese missile is in free fall towards the ground and it is likely that it collides with Italy.

China Post against India
Chinese missile departure on April 29 compared to the crematorium fires on the streets of India. The description readsHow is a fire lit in China and how is a fire being lit in India“.

China is canceling the post, but the unfortunate joke remains

It wasn’t enough to delete the post on Weibo, the unfortunate joke in the form of me me It is saved and shared on the network.

We remember that the post was published by the official Weibo account of the Communist Party of China. The comparison photo appeared the day after the Chinese president’s message of condolences Xi Jinping To the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Because of the deteriorating health situation and humanitarian emergency in India.

The post was removed immediately, however A screen shot Photo and caption posted on Weibo. According to the editor What’s on Weibo, A site that deals with trends of the Chinese social network, the image has not been approved by the party, otherwise it would not have been removed so quickly.

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In addition, China has offered to provide assistance to the country and help India cope with the lack of oxygen and the increase in cases.

Compared to Fire: Shocking Humor

In the comparison image, on one side you can see the April 29th launch of the Long march, The missile that carried the first unit from the Chinese space station into orbit (Heavenly Palace); On the flip side, the photo is that of the open-air crematoriums in India, where the emergency has not yet recovered.

Next to the photo, the Communist Party account posted a comment: “How is a fire lit in China and how is a fire being lit in India“.

Is it political satire? In India, the health and humanitarian crisis seems to be endless. The country continues to register 300-350 thousand injuries per dayIn the past 24 hours, there were another 368,147 injuries. From April 19 to May 2, the total of the positive cases found was 4,863,712.

In the same period, the death toll exceeded 40,000, at a rate of 3,000 daily.

China knows this data well, so much so that the Chinese ambassador to India a few days ago, Sun WeidongHe affirmed India’s support in fighting Coronavirus. Chinese medical equipment companies prepare and ship more than 25,000 oxygen concentrator, but vaccine doses are also planned.

Issue resolved: Image removed

Once you upload an image, piece of information, a video to the web, it becomes the web. This also applies to the official account of the Communist Party of China. The internet is forever and the immediate removal of the post was useless.

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Below the picture compareLike a campfireThere was no shortage of cash in the two countries. The image was saved and shared to the network before removal, which triggered theThe effect of exasperation all over the world.

After China declared its support for India, the post sounded more like a joke than a stand-alone one. Especially in light of the trade relations between the two countries and China’s commitment to resolving the health crisis in the Asian continent.

Expecting a statement Xi JinpingBut international policy experts are convinced There will be no message By the Chinese president about the photo.


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