The owner of Château d’Ussé used in the candidate’s clip, Eric Zemor, was outraged to see his property appear without his permission in the campaign clip, against which several actions would have been taken for disrespecting copyright.

It is well known that presidential candidate Eric Gemmour wants historical (approximate) and cinematic references to illustrate his views on France. On Tuesday, November 30, the far-right candidate was tricked into using several works in his clip without recognition.

In Indre-et-Loire, drone images of Château d’Ussé aired on the clip made its owner jump. No permission was sought from him to use the pictures of this Indre-et-Loire castle.

I fall from the clouds, I am very unhappy. I’m angry, I do not have to instrument Uzbek Fort“Usse annoys Casimir de Blogas, the owner of the castle. Casimir de Blogas has no request to use pictures of the castle.

Although these drone images of the castle last only a few seconds, in the candidate’s clip, Casimir de Blagos confirms his opposition to using his castle for political purposes: “I have nothing against Eric Gemmer or other candidates. We are in a democracy, each has his own ideas, but one candidate.” , No matter what he was, I was angry because he used Sato de Uzza.

“I was born here, this is my family home, a house open to the public,” the Lord continues, “and we have nothing to do with this. Has been watching, and he wants it to be an ornament of the national heritage that is open to tourists. Above all, it is not polluted by the mix of political politicians.

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Today this former lawyer lives in Belgium. He returns to Usse Castle in Doraine for the tourist season, but today he wonders if he can file pictures of his castle against this unauthorized use. From tomorrow he will be consulting with his legal friends.


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