Pope Francis renews the statutes of the IOR and the Council of Cardinals: who enters and who is reconfirmed

The new statutes of the IOR define a period of five-year mandates with the possibility of renewal only once and a more flexible management structure with defined roles between the different bodies to avoid overlapping or duplication of activities. Instead, the College of Cardinals is the body that helped Bergoglio reform the Roman Curia

On the eve of the completion of the tenth year of his pontificate, Pope Francesco He renewed it Statutes of the Institute of Religious Works and the Council of Cardinals. The last body, announced Bergoglio Exactly one month after his election, he helped dad in repair Roman Curiacontained in the Apostolic Constitution Pray for EvangeliumAnd in the government of the universal church. Francis Renew it “because – like Vatican – The previous mandate has expired.” The Cardinals asserted: Peter Parolino, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Fridolin Ambongo Bisongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa (DRC); Oswald GraciasMetropolitan Archbishop of Bombay (India); And Sean Patrick O’MalleyArchbishop Metropolitan Boston (USA). The new Cardinals who became members of the College of Cardinals are: Fernando Verguez AlzagaPresident of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State and Province of the Vatican City State; Juan Jose Umila UmilaArchbishop of the Metropolitan City of Barcelona (Spain); Gerald C LacroixArchbishop of Quebec (Canada); Jean Claude HollerichArchbishop of Luxembourg (Luxembourg); And Sergio da RochaArchbishop of San Salvador Bahia (Brazil). The bishop reaffirmed Marco Melino as a secretary. The next meeting will be held on April 24, 2023 at Casa Santa Marta.

“You know – he wrote Francis In the chirograph with which he approved the new Statutes of the IOR – on August 8, 2019, with the aim of continuing to increasingly adapt the Institute’s structures and activities to the changing needs of the times, benefiting in particular from cooperation and l responsible Of the competent lay Catholics, I would have agreed to some the changesadvertising experience for 2 years, allo Institute Statute For the works of religion, which are by st John Paul II, with a chirograph dated March 1, 1990, has given a new composition to the said institute while retaining its name and purposes. At the end of this period, I would like to renew it again Institute Statute For religious works to bring them into line with the latest organizational needs as well as with the operational needs that arise on a daily basis in the activity of the institute. In particular, the reform of the Statutes responds to the need to clearly and clearly define the areas of competence and responsibility of each of the Institute’s bodies most involved in its administration (strategic and operational), albeit in the spirit of close and loyal collaboration that should characterize the two bodies.”

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The Pope specified that “the purpose of the institute is to provide it Guarantee And to manage affiliate Movable and immovable property transferred or entrusted to it by natural or legal persons and intended for religious or charitable works Primary law It establishes a five-year term of office with the possibility of renewal only once and a more flexible management structure with defined roles between the various bodies to avoid overlapping or duplication of activities. But also the asynchronous nature of a member state commission The number of items in the group The Oversight Board will include a specific provision regarding conflicts of interest: “Each member of the Advise The supervisory authority shall refrain from participating in voting related to decisions in which it has an interest, current or potential, on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties. oversight board Define strategic guidelines, general policies and oversee the activities of the IOR, while the Director General is responsible for the management and administration of the Institute. Finally, the change of management from a collegiate body of exit And from vice president, becomes a monolithic body consisting only of the general manager. for him Appointment Will continue to be submitted by the Supervisory Board and approved by Cardinals commissionbut “on the basis of a shortlist of at least three suitable candidates“.

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