Games can be removed again

The PS Plus Extra and Premium libraries differ from the main games in terms of availability. Players can lose access even with an active membership. While the confirmation came weeks ago, headlines once again made headlines about the prospect of matches being ruled out this weekend.

Sony also launched the three-tier PlayStation Plus in Germany this week. While Basic subscribers continue to enjoy previous PlayStation Plus benefits, Extra and Premium subscribers also get access to hundreds of games, including Classic (Premium), some of which are offered via live streaming.

Extra and premium games can be removed

However, there is one difference compared to the catalog of basic games, which is also included in the higher tiers: Extra and Premium games are regular subscription offers that do not have to remain in the service permanently. This means that parts can be removed from time to time while new games are added. Accordingly, subscribers sometimes lose access to individual addresses even with an active membership.

With PlayStation Plus and the previous base games, “free games” remain in the player’s library once they have been used – that is, “purchased” for €0.

Similar to PlayStation Now, once you no longer view content through PlayStation Plus, you will no longer be able to access titles once you leave the service. If the title is available on the PlayStation Store and you decide to purchase it, you will be able to access your saved data again – just make sure you don’t delete it.”

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The same applies to downloadable content associated with games. When a game leaves the service, the DLCs become unusable until players decide to get the game elsewhere.

“If your membership ends or content leaves the service, you will also lose access to the DLC and DLC for that game. Once you sign up for the service again or make a decision to purchase the title, you will be able to continue to use the DLC and DLC you purchased.”

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Even if Sony does not recognize the difference between the previous PS Plus and the additional libraries of the new layers Already highlighted last MayThe potential loss of games from additional and premium libraries caused a furore once again over the weekend. However, it is a form that is also used in many other subscription offerings.

Ingredients and pricing details It can be found in this message.

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