WhatsApp – neues Update für Sprachnachrichten behebt großes Problem

The popular WhatsApp messenger can not only send text messages, photos and videos, but also audio recordings. A voice message update is now available to all users, with which it is possible to listen to the recorded message before sending it.

What is possible with the new job?

Anyone who likes to send voice messages through the messaging service will surely know the problem of making mistakes while recording. Until now, there were only two options in such a situation: delete the voice message and record it again or send it with a slip of the tongue. The new update makes it possible to listen to the audio recording again before sending it, thus checking for any slip of the tongue. While recording, a new view appears below in which the user can also see how long they have been speaking. The pause function is now also available. With this pause button, it is possible to pause and listen to the voice message before sending it. It is also possible to start the message only from a certain point, so that the entire recording does not have to be listened to. This is definitely an advantage, especially for long audio recordings. Despite the new function, it is not possible to continue recording audio after stopping and listening. There is no pause function for voice messages yet.

Other useful WhatsApp functions

In addition to updating audio recordings, the functionality of self-scan messages has also been expanded. It is now possible for WhatsApp users to set self-delete messages as default. There is also the option to automatically delete sent messages after 24 hours or 90 days. Until now, you can choose to automatically delete the corresponding messages only after seven days. This also Leave a WhatsApp group unnoticed, certainly interesting to some messaging users. Because, even if WhatsApp groups are often useful, they can quickly become annoying if new messages appear almost every second. Many users still do not want to leave the group, as this is always visible to all other members. Of course, at first there is simply an option to “mute the group”. This means that it will no longer be displayed when new messages are received in the corresponding group. In the meantime, ‘Always’ can be selected to ignore. WhatsApp user can also set disapproval of registration in undesirable groups. Although it is not possible to leave the group entirely without indicating this to the other participants, there is an option to quasi-“leave” the group. To do this, the user must select “Always” under “Deactivate notifications”. Then tap and hold on the desired group to move it to the archived chats. Now the WhatsApp group is not displayed in the notification list, and there is no message about it when new messages are received there. The other members don’t notice anything. It is also possible to call the group at any time and read everything that has been written there.

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