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2022 is around the corner – it is New Year’s Eve. The first (small) parties start on New Year’s Eve and confetti can also be distributed again on Google at the end of the year, musical New Year’s Eve greetings can be sent, and in combination with a dinner for one, you can laugh again stuttering butler James.

New Years Eve 2021 google doodle

The last day of the year is coming to a close and one can only hope that 2022 will be better in some ways – although, of course, all was not so bad. But this is a matter of opinion. To bid farewell to 2021 and hello to 2022, you can also find it on Google. Here is a brief overview of the fun features you may still be able to use this evening.

Musical New Year greetings

google blob opera sylvester

At the end of the year, Google is bringing back Blob Opera and allowing you to create a musical work with the lovable and funny rubber look. If you are satisfied, you can share this greeting with other users and thus send a musical and unique greeting at the turn of the year.

» Google bloop opera as a Christmas greeting

confetti fireworks in web search

Google Search Web New Year's Eve Paper Clips

One click and the scrapbook cannon starts the Google web search. Just search for “New Year’s Eve” and the search results will be full of colorful snippets.

» confetti paper fireworks in google web search

Easter dinner

google websuche dinner for one

No New Year’s Eve without dinner for one! You can also stumble upon butler James on Google web search today – he turned out so funny and of course stylish black and white 🙂

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» Dinner for Easter One in Google Web Search

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