América: La razón por la que se cayó el fichaje de Pablo Solari

Pablo Solari was the signature America wanted for Clausura 2022But in the end the transfer did not materialize. Despite the fact that this weekend it was said that the operation was closed, Colo Colo ended up declaring the player non-transferable Al-Nusour refused to accept the summer transfer.

The main problem they faced at Coapa to close the transfer was that the Chilean club began to increase the value of the player. Once they seemed to come to an agreement on the cost, Cacique put various bonuses and conditions of transport, So negotiations are no longer flourishing.

The reason why Pablo Solari’s signature fell on America

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According to the newspaper register, Although America She agreed to pay $4 million That Colo Colo asked for the player, but in the end the Chilean club put up obstacles and suggested that he leave Solari until the summer, so that The player can play as Copa Libertadores.

Similarly, reporter Victor Diaz noted that Colo Colo had stipulated that A down payment and a 6-month loan were paid to Solari to play in the LibertadoresYes, America did not consider this option and then the Chilean club put bonuses on the transfer, which did not like the Eagles either.

According to the two sources, those from Coapa are already in talks to look for a boost before the records close. said the supporter He will come from outside to cover the same area of ​​the field they planned to cover with Solari.

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