Miley attacks Sanchez's wife: “Corrupt.”  Spain recalls its ambassador

“Very dangerous” are the words of Argentine President Javier Miley, who described Begona Gomez, the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, at the congress of the far-right Spanish “Vox” party today in Madrid, as “corrupt.” For this reason, the Spanish government recalled its ambassador to Argentina, María Jesús Alonso, for consultations “indefinitely.” Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez announced this, noting that the far-right Argentine president's anger “has no precedent in the history of international relations,” and asked Miley to “apologize” for his attack.

During his speech at the Europe Viva 24 conference, Miley said: “They don’t know what kind of society and country socialism can produce, what kind of people mess with power, what levels of abuse it can generate. Even if the boss is a wife, it’s “Rotten, let's say dirty, and it takes five days to think about it.”

The words of the populist Argentine president indicate that Sanchez announced at the end of last month that he wanted to spend some time thinking about his possible resignation after accusations of corruption directed against his wife by a far-right union. The accusations were dismissed as unfounded within a few days by the Madrid Public Prosecutor's Office.

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