An additional €600 on the INPS pension for women who fall into this category

The INPS pension will have an increase of €600 for some categories of women. Let’s see who they are and why this amount.

600 euros on pension –

several Widows and widows They will be able to get relief from the extra money for their pension and may consider taking a short weekend break.

To determine if you are eligible to receive this amount or not and to resolve any issues regarding its awarding, continue reading below.

When does this additional amount fall on the INPS pension?

Many families and retirees are facing severe financial hardship due to the high cost of living and rising prices.

Despite the modifications Contribute to retirement pensionsDealing with regular and unexpected expenses can be a difficult task. Therefore, getting a small pension increase was equivalent to winning the lotto game, not to mention taking a deep breath in the arm.

During the month of July, a large number of retirees receive an additional pension amount called “Fourteenth month“.


INPS disburses this amount annually in July or in December. However, it’s important to note that this extra payment is only available to retirees who are 64 or older and who meet specific income requirements.

To be clear, until 2023 a non-top gross income would suffice 1.5 times Minimum annual subscription to the Employees Pension Fund.

The INPS provides the temporary payment of a fourteenth month’s salary to those who meet the statutory requirements, which can amount to up to twice the treatment.

This interim payment will be re-evaluated once the final income is available. If you enter On July 31st All necessary requirements will be completed, and the additional amount will be included in the July voucher.

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Richer July pension voucher for widows

The amount of the fourteenth salary that is paid to pensioners varies according to their contribution and their total income.

The minimum amount due is 336 euroswhile the maximum amount is 655 euros. Widows receiving a widow’s and orphan’s pension are also entitled to the 14th stipend, but they must meet the same personal and income requirements.


This means that they must have been accomplished 64 years old By July 31st the maximum income will be equal to twice the INPS minimum treatment.

When a widow or widower receives a widow’s and orphan’s pension, in addition to a direct pension, her combined income cannot exceed income threshold stability.

If the income exceeds the limit, the fourteenth month is added to the personal pension.

Those who are eligible for widows’ and orphans’ pension will receive a payment calculated by 60% of their contributions.

In July, many widows who meet these requirements will receive a higher pension, which may allow them to take a break from the daily work.

XIV: How do you get it?

The fourteenth month can be obtained for beneficiaries without the need to submit an application, as follows It is automatically disbursed by INPS.

Retirees have access to an online service provided by INPS, with which they can consult their slips, including the 14th month’s salary.

If the INPS, despite having all personal and income-related requirements, fails to repay, the beneficiary can file a rebuilding application to request the increase.

The application can be submitted online using the special service provided by INPS. On the other hand, it is possible to contact the caregiver or by calling the numbers 06164164 or 803164 call center.

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