Les 3 superstars NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, James Harden et Kevin Durant, s'avancent la tête basse vers leur banc lors d'un match face au Miami Heat

In the upcoming fiscal year, Brooklyn will have to deal with enormous pressure, which will turn to sarcasm if the franchise does not win the title. However, some players will be in a less comfortable position… One analyst in particular has designated a member of the Big Three as Target #1 in case of failure.

The super team of Nets was assembled in the blink of an eye, however, it did not achieve the expected success in the first year of its existence. The conference semi-finals against Milwaukee ended in a seven-game loss, with the black and white suffering little to no injury. However, they squandered their 2-0 lead in this series…

Suddenly, all eyes are on Steve Nash’s squad for next season. The expectations are huge, and so is the pressure to keep up. For Stephen A. Smith, one star will face more pressure than the others, due to their lack of a collective record:

The last time I checked, Keri Irving He was the NBA champion. Kevin Durant He was a two-time champion. corn James Harden He did not win a title. The only time he played finals, he was on the bench. We are talking about one of the greatest offensive players the game has ever seen. He plays for a super team, but if he doesn’t win the net, people will hold him the primary responsibility.

Missed 28 games in 2020-21, The Beard was certainly prolific (24.6 points, 8 rebounds, and nearly 11 assists in the regular season), but his injury against the Bucks was handicap for Brooklyn. As Smith said well, he did not yet have a ring on his finger … Especially since the analyst repeats it later during the show, he is too high to be in the shadow of others:

The problem is that we’ve seen the huge impact that a star not showing up can have on the rest of the team. If James Harden was so well known that no one would ever watch Kevin Durant, they would watch him live. If he wasn’t performing, he wouldn’t be able to hide behind KD. He is the most stressed person.

So we have to be in good shape since the start of the season, and that’s on all fronts (Harden came overweight at the Rockets last year, in order to force him to leave). and yet, The player prefers to accept his arrogant words about BKN’s chances…otherwise the backfire will undoubtedly be enormous.

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If there is one Nets player who will come under pressure in 2021-22, it will be James Harden. The guard has to show that a star like him is not cracking under it, but rather feeding on it on the contrary!


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