The website of the People’s Daily, the newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, banned one of his videos because it was deemed critical of the government

location People’s Daily newspaperThe Chinese Communist Party newspaper censored her video after its readers described it as critical of the government. The video aimed to promote the city of Hangzhou, which is hosting the Asian Games this month, by collecting some famous literary works related to the city. He showed one referring to state corruption, and another that dissidents had used in the past to talk about the Tiananmen Square massacre. After confusing comments from readers, People’s Daily newspaper Remove video quickly.

The first work was a 12th-century satirical poem criticizing Song dynasty officials who went to Hangzhou to celebrate without caring about the country’s problems. The poem is widely known and is not itself subject to censorship, but it appears that the video did not adequately convey the satirical meaning. The second work, another poem, contained references to the month of June and the four seasons, and was used by dissidents in the past to refer to June 4, 1989, the day of the Tiananmen Square massacre, without being subject to the heavy filters imposed over time by the Chinese regime, which deleted references to the event. .

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