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The Israeli army announced that it was “expanding its operations in the Khan Yunis area” in the southern Gaza Strip. This was reported by The Times of Israel. The Israeli army reported an incident in which soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade spotted a Hamas operative emerging from a tunnel with an RPG and in response they threw grenades at him and into the tunnel. The army adds that the paratroopers also spotted Hamas militants inside one of the buildings and directed tank fire at them. Meanwhile, Israeli TV Channel 12 published a possibly recent photo of Al-Qassam Brigades commander Muhammad Deif. The last shot was in 2001, when he was released from a Palestinian National Authority prison.

Children, naked men and detainees.  A mystery in a CNN video that touches on Israel

There is still a little filtering around Mohamed Deif. But according to what was reported by the Jewish media, the man appears to have lost one eye and is limping. It also appears that the photo was obtained by the Tel Aviv Defense Forces during their attack on the Strip, but the moment at which it was taken was not determined, and its authenticity could not be verified. The so-called “Ghost of Gaza” is one of Israel's main goals. Over the years they tried to kill him seven times.

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