Veronica Castro uses a photo filter.  Her brother displays it naturally

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Veronica Castro, a famous Mexican actress and presenter, caused a stir on social networks by sharing a photo with “El Güero” Castro. What happened to the photography? It turns out that Cristian Castro’s mother was surprised by this Shown with a filter where no wrinkle appeared, completely changing the look of Angelica Rivera’s ex-husband.

Through social networks, the photo of Veronica Castro and “El Guerro” Castro sparked controversy. Which is that using the filter made it a bad move.

“El Güero” Castro presents his sister in real life

In the selfie she took with her brother, Ferro Castro looked normal, smiling, with gray hair, but with a filter that removes wrinkles. While the Televisa producer shared the same image, but without filters. In this one, age lines were present.

As expected, the picture caused uproar, criticism and even ridicule, because the leaker did more work on his brother who looked like someone else. In the face of the accusations, Christian Castro’s mother joked about the matter and responded to the accusations:

“Well, I paid for my filter and I like it with a filter, but if you like it without a filter you can look at my brother’s filter, he likes it without a filter. Don’t get mad because it hurts,” Ferro Castro said to explain.


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