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Werter Bremen has reached the expected turning point in the second division. Coach Marcus Anfang’s team won 3-0 (0-0) against FC Haydenheim on Friday evening.

By Johannes Friedac

The North Germans ended their mini crisis after two previous defeats without scoring a small goal. After the win coach Marcus Anfang said, “We fought our way up and played a good game.” We allowed the sparks to jump to the spectators and they gratefully accepted it. The atmosphere in the back – with the wave through the stadium – also has something community. We can all live well again, “said Werder.

After a fourth win in the ninth game of the season, Werter climbed to seventh in the table – on points with HSV, who played 1: 1 at Aue. After the international break, the Greens-Whites will continue with two overseas games, Dormstad and Santa Cruz – which are expected to go on sale on October 30, before appearing as a guest at FC St Bowley Weserstadion.

Heidenheim with great opportunities

There were a good 30,000 spectators “only” against Heidenheim, but with their slogans they created a great atmosphere, even though the action on the lawn initially gave little reason for it. Although both teams played fast forward after winning the ball, the last pass was often very inaccurate, so there were no clear goal area shots.

Audio: Marcus Anfang: “We let the spark pass” (2 min)

After about twenty minutes it changed. Suddenly there were chances on both sides: first, Milos Velkovich missed only one corner that Marvin Ducks entered hard (21st minute), then Haydenheim’s Robert Leeberts ran unstoppable through Bremen’s penalty, and from close range to Werder keeper Michael Jetter by minute). , Home Side Fortunately it only hit the post (38th). Veljkovic, on the other hand, did not push the ball into the goal (40th). Denis Tomallos Loofer (43.) was caught by Jeter and the break went goalless.

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Turbulent restart with Werder One-Two

Shortly after the restart, the hosts set the course for success within 76 seconds. First Marco Friedel led the Ducks’ free kick to the Bremen (50th), then they benefited from Haydenheim’s goalkeeping error: Mல்லller played a ball directly into Nikolai Robb’s leg, he went to the Ducks at any time – the striker was pushed to the empty goal (52).

Then it was bitter for the guests: not counting a Clintian hit after being checked by a video assistant – the goalkeeper was offside (54th). Ten minutes later, Tomalla made the opening decision at Weserstadion (64th) with his own goal.

The Werter link was now on the moon and Bremen was excited to win every ball. The hosts allowed themselves to be affected by the atmosphere and continued to play forward with confidence. Veljkovic may have led it to 4-0 (71.), but that did not dampen the atmosphere on the field. Just minutes before the final whistle, the “La Ola” wave rose over the stands.

Competition Day 9, October 1, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

Werter Bremen





  • 3: 0
    Tomalla (64th, own goal)

Werter Bremen:
Jetter – J. Embom, Welzkovic, LL Mai (74. A. Jung), Friedl – Crew – Rob, R. (90. Nangishi)

K. M முller – Bush, Hossing, Mynga, Thurkoff – Schopenhauer – Tomalla (65th M. Malone), Mohr (73rd Burnick) – Leeberts (73rd Searsleben), Colvetter (65th Zimmer) – Clindianst (73rd K. Cessa))


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