Der Zwickauer Baumann trifft zum 1:0 gegen Viktorias Jopek. (Quelle: imago images/Kruczynski)

After an extended weaker season performance, Victoria Berlin happily scored a point in FS at Zwickau and thus prevented a second consecutive bankruptcy. Sofiane Benyamina’s goal fell 1-1 shortly before the end.

The ascendance of the newly promoted Victoria Berlin in the third division seemed to be finally over, but then came Sofiane Benyamina. The Berlin striker scored the lucky 1-1 equalizer in 14th place at the FS table in Zwickau in the 89th minute. The gloom thus prevented a second successive defeat. Above all, the Berliners were sleeping through the first half, as they never controlled the match. In the second round, things got a little better at first, and the guests had to be happy because Zwickau was only 1-0. Binyamina’s goal came after a strong effort from substitute Lucas Falcao.

Victoria coach Benedetto Musicato made two changes to his star squad compared to the home defeat to Halschen FC (0:1). Bryang Kaew and Sofian Binyamina played with Christopher Thiessen and Lucas Falcao. Both teams largely refrained from scanning and immediately played bravely forward – thus, both teams had chances. While the Berlin Enes Küc attack on the Zwickau goalkeeper (fifth minute) failed, the hosts performed better. After a huge chance (11), which was initially granted, Himmelblauen’s left defense was too open after just minutes. Skikura from Zwickau managed to cross with a fairly unrestricted cross pass and found Baumann in the middle, who was also able to shoot unguarded (min. 15).

After that, the guests didn’t really deal with the early helplessness and aggressive style of play of FSV. Fourteenth place in the table from Saxony gave one hundred percent different chances – again and again, the attacks passed on the weak left side of Berlin. The rookie player usually struggled to control the match, but was somewhat successful. Even the tactical change did not have the desired effect. The best thing about this match for Viktoria Berlin was the score after 45 minutes. And the surprise team from the capital owes it almost exclusively to the opponent’s neglect of opportunities.

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Coach Mozzicato’s speech in the first half must have been painful, because his team returned to the field with much greater conviction. As in the first round, Victoria initially played forward, but the obvious opportunities did not jump. However, the intermediate level did not last long. This was not the case with the opponents of Zwickau – they, in turn, had to briefly gather themselves and then again bypass the shaky defense of Berlin. The result was two well-played chances. Now, at the latest, Victoria should have been even more late.

The fact that things never worked out like this can now also be seen from the toughest mistakes the Berlin players made. The result was three yellow cards in five minutes – also unusual for Victoria Berlin. With the exception of two deals from substitute Lucas Falcao (80, 87), there were few, but the will is noticeable and visible now. Lucas Falcao, who was evident in bringing the match to life, grabbed the ball again shortly before the end, broke through the penalty area and tried to end the match. Then Jobik put the rebound ball to Sufyan bin Yamina, who only had to lunge (89). After a happy year draw, Victoria Berlin now has ten points after five days of matches and is temporarily moving up to the top of the table.

Broadcast: rbb24, 08/24/2021, 9.45pm


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