there will be?  Or is it just the fans' hopes?

All info about a potential FIFA 22 demo. – (C) EA Sports – Photo montage: Daily Game

EA Sports hasn’t appeared in the cards yet:”Will there be a FIFA 22 demo?Ask the football simulation fans. Most of them can’t wait to explore innovations like HyperMotion technology for Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The beta has a few demo matches and a few teams. Fans of FIFA 21 were left empty-handed. But what about FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 demo: When will it be released?

Since there is no beta release for FIFA 21, EA Sports can also stay with it in FIFA 22. The current version of FIFA will release on October 1, so there is still enough time to offer a beta in the PlayStation and Xbox stores in between. As a rule, FIFA demos appeared two weeks before the actual release datecan happen mid September 2021.

EA Sports has yet to reveal any information about the demo, even after inquiries. Perhaps in a month it will be officially ready. Until we stay empty again!

HyperMotion technology will only be available for FIFA 22 on Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4 and Xbox One gamers, as well as PC gamers, won’t notice the new technology. So it’s also possible that the beta will still be limited to newer platforms.

So far, some interesting new features of FIFA 22 have been shown. – (C) EA Sports – Screenshot: YouTube

Can you play FIFA 22 before it’s released?

This is possible! There is a FIFA 22 closed beta that FUT Champions players have been verified to be able to participate in. However, the prerequisite for this is high: you must win at least 27 matches in the Weekend League. If you can do that, EA Sports will send you a code for the FIFA 22 closed beta.

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There is also Another possibility is a closed beta key for FIFA 22 You should really get it There is no demo for FIFA 22 Come. To do this, you have to go to Sign in to the EA website and enable “recent messages” in email notifications. The fact that you get a key is not static, but random.

The safest option To play FIFA 22 shortly before release is to buy the absolute version. until you get Four days before releaseFor example, on September 27, 2021, you will already have access to the game. By the way, the Ultimate Version of FIFA 22 costs a whopping €99.99 for Xbox One / Xbox Series and PS4 / PS5.

Where can I download the FIFA 22 demo (if available)?

Just in case: To do that, you have to search for the demo in the respective store and download it. For PS5 or PS4, this will be a file Playstation Store. You can find the Xbox Series or Xbox One version in the format Xbox Store.

PC gamers will likely have several options to choose from:

Instead there is still google stadia. The Stadia version of FIFA 22 is identical to the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S version, so it supports the new HyperMotion technology.

Nintendo Switch players are unlikely to receive a FIFA 22 demoThen – again – only one old edition Actions.

Next generation features like "Hyper Motion" stay in games "FIFA 22" And "Madden NFL 22" Exclusively reserved for next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.  © EA Sports

Next-gen features like “HyperMotion” in “FIFA 22” and “Madden NFL 22” are reserved exclusively for next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. – (C) EA Sports

FIFA 22 demo: What teams are included?

So far, EA Sports has remained silent about a possible beta, so there is still no official information on the teams in the beta.

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But the following teams will be hot candidates, as seen so far in FIFA 22 trailers:

  • Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (France)
  • Real Madrid Football Club (Spain)
  • Liverpool FC (England)
  • Chelsea FC (England)
  • Manchester (England)
  • Tottenham Hotspur (England)
  • madrid sports club (Spain)
  • Ballspielverein (BSV) Borussia 09 e. in Dortmund (Germany)

FIFA 22 demo: What game mode does the demo have?

EA Sports will likely stick to well-known games, if any Demo version of FIFA 22 Will appear. To test the gameplay, it is very likely that the starting mode, as in FIFA 20, will be the main component of the FIFA 22 demo. In this mode, you compete with the chosen team against the computer or even against human opponents.

Perhaps we can take a look at the FIFA 22 Pro Clubs in the demo, which this time also offers the option to create women’s teams.

This article will be updated as EA Sports releases more information about the FIFA 22 beta.


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