We will abandon the dollar – Il Tempo

The dollar’s days are numbered. At least in the opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin chief spoke via videoconference during the BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Russian President Vladimir Putin described the process of eliminating the dollar in economic relations between the BRICS countries as “irreversible”. This was written by the Russian RIA Novosti agency. “The objective and irreversible process of getting rid of the dollar in our economic relations is gaining momentum, and efforts are being made to develop effective mechanisms for mutual settlements and monetary and financial control,” Putin said in his video call with the BRICS summit. He said. Male. According to the Russian president, the share of the US currency in export-import transactions between BRICS members is steadily declining and last year amounted to only 28.7% of the total.

Another army in Ukraine.  Tip of the British 007. Putin's Plan

Then Putin also addressed the issue of inflationary pressures sweeping the West. For Putin, “the significant inflationary pressures are caused, among other things, by the irresponsible actions of a number of countries that are implementing large-scale emissions to mitigate the costs of the pandemic. All this leads to the accumulation of public and private debt.

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