Season without record: R.P.  Leipzig falls into bad old forms in the colon

Cologne / Leipzig. Even with a striker in the starting line-up, R.P. Leipzig does not want to score with a goal. Despite Alexander Charlotte, the Red Bulls lost to Cologne 1: 2 (0: 0): it was mainly due to unused goal chances. The figures included 23 shots for Leipzig and five shots for FSE. Final Conclusion: Correspondingly proportionate, but not ineligible. “The sad thing is, we have opportunities, but very rarely shoot towards the goal and often miss it,” lamented R.P. Coach Julian Knucklesman.


His boys started the game well and immediately put pressure on them to decide the game. The Red Bulls had good running lanes, more than 70 percent possession, a good mastery game and a passing rate of about 90 percent in the first half. And the highest number of degrees. Amado Hydra disrupted the first game in the third minute. With 13 shots on target in the first half, R.P. Set a new season record. “I can not blame the guys for creating chances. We do not need more chances in the last games. We have to do it,” said Knucklesman. It was different in the SV Werder Bremen (4-1 win). Four of the four shots towards are possible.

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(1) Peter Kulasi: Asked once in the first half, with Hector’s title, but completely without chance. Innocent at 1: 2. Note 3.


Due to the lack of performance addressed by the trainer in the dressing room – task success failed. “We should have taken the lead in the first ten minutes, which should have given us a number of chances. Then Cologne will definitely have memories of the Leverkusen game. [Anm. d. Red.: Köln verlor mit 0:3] Cologne was back to normal. ”33-year-old Billy speculated that the goats would not have seen the motivation if they had been there in the beginning.

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However, instead of hosts, the Leipzig people seemed to lose their motivation at some point. Didn’t the Red Bulls have an attitude in the game against the Billy Goats because they already knew the championship was over? No, said defender Marcel Holstenberg after the final whistle. “We have more important games and a DFP Cup semi-final ahead of us. That’s why we tackle every game in the league individually and want to win and defend second place in the table. It has nothing to do with the approach today.” The coach refused. “I’m more angry that we didn’t win than that we wouldn’t be champions,” Knucklesman said. “The probability is not too high before the match day.”

Despite the guarantees: the result and consequences do not seem to go completely to all RB experts. During the second half, referee Frank Villanborg had to referee several times in the packs. Shortly after the final whistle was blown, the excitement was good, there were some squabbles on the pitch, and then it continued into the cabin aisle. However, Knoglesman did not really care: “My boys notice what we lost. That’s a good sign. “

The reason for the hot situation was a mistake made by Jane Horn on Justin Clouvert in the Cologne penalty area. Some R.P. The kickers demanded a fine. The bull coach was very relaxed: “It’s a rude mistake. nothing. I gave him another hood on the chest. That’s all. I think he was very upset like some of my players. “

Cologne keeper Timo Horn said he would expect action like this after the game: “Leipzig had one last chance to tickle Bayer. For us, these last few games are all about staying in the league. It’s exciting, it’s completely natural, it’s part of football. The Bulls coach understood this: “You play against the outfield, you don’t have to play Brazilian magic football, but get points. It involves playing all the way, and they performed better, were smarter and took time off the clock.

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