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During a match between Everton FC and Newcastle United on Thursday evening (March 17, 2022), a striker tied his neck with a cable tie.

The Premier League game between Everton FC and Newcastle United was interrupted by a streak. However, he did not run across the square, but tied his neck to the post with cable connections.

Thursday evening (March 17, 2022) is the Premier League match between Everton FC and Newcastle United. Until the 51st minute – then an interesting incident happened.

Crackers are well known in football, but it has never happened before that they have to chain themselves with goals and be released first. But that’s exactly what happened in the Toffees game against Macbeth!

Fletcher ties his neck to a pole with a cable tie

Shortly after the restart, a fan attacked the pitch when the score was 0-0. But instead of being chased by maids, as is usual for a striker, the striker chains himself at the goalpost in Liverpool!

The cracker was chained with cable ties around his neck and had the word “Just Stop Oil” written on his orange shirt. More Protestants came to the field, but the police were able to resolve the matter five minutes later and the game continued.

As for the game, there is a lot of risk for both teams. New Rich Guests from Newcastle have been able to play from the bottom of the table in recent weeks (14th, 32 points), while Everton FC are still 17th with 23 points. (DSC)


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