Nord Stream, traces of explosives on the Danish ship Andromeda.  German intelligence: “may have been used for sabotage”

Traces of explosives were found on the Andromeda, the sailboat that, according to investigators, was used in the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline on September 26th. This was revealed by German intelligence, quoting The New York Times. Another element adding to the mystery, according to the three anonymous officials consulted by the American newspaper, were two of the crew members who carried forged Bulgarian passports. Until a few days ago, the most widely adopted theory was the one that suggested Andromeda and its pro-Ukrainian crew were the main culprits of the explosion that ruptured the gas pipeline. But more and more elements are added to the narrative, reducing the size of the role of the 15-meter sailing ship.

ship way

First of all, the power and depth of the explosion. According to investigators, it is unlikely that only six people on board a small ship could have completed the operation. However, the ship’s movements are suspicious. Andromeda docked at Kristiansau, a small Danish port close to the pipeline lane, on September 5 after being chartered at the German port of Rostock, on the Baltic Sea. Between the two, he made a stop in another town in Germany: Wiek, whose port has no security cameras. There the port operator attempted to interact with the crew, first in German and then in English, with no answer other than a cash payment of the amount due for the docking.

Other suspicious boats

But investigators are convinced at this point that the Andromeda wasn’t the only ship used in the sabotage. There is talk of a Danish ship, the Nymfen, which moved in an unusual way in the area on September 22, 2022, as well as a jet plane and a Swedish military ship, which spent some time in the area of ​​the explosion. Around September 21, 2022, some Russian ships also disappeared from the radars that were moving near the island of Christianso. German, Danish and Swedish authorities are investigating the case, but according to The New York Times, it may not be in their interest to reveal who blew up the pipeline.

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