Sitting in the consulting room of a chic Downtown Washington cosmetic surgery clinic, Hudson Young removes his mask under the satisfactory eye of his surgeon.

Like the growing Americans, he decided to seek surgery to improve his appearance in the midst of the Govt-19 epidemic, driven by the increase in video calls and the possibility of recovering from his home privacy.

“When I first saw myself in the zoom, I was like,“ Oh, yuk! I told myself, the Botox injector agrees, in October 2020 he passed under the scalpel for the first time, lifting the base of the face and the neck, eyelid surgery and laser on the other hand.

“Looking at your face for several hours a day is a new thing, and there are limits to what you can do with good lighting and good angles”, confirms reviewing these fifty things in real estate, while Dr. Michael Somenek examines his visible scars with his fingers.

He is far from the only one to be disappointed by his video response. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says there has been a 64% increase in virtual consultations for surgeons in the United States since the onset of the epidemic, which lists Botox injections and fillers as the most popular procedures. Skin, breast augmentation and liposuction.

“We have seen an increase in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures that people want to do that are directly related to zoom,” Dr. Somenek confirms, noting an increase of 50 to 60%. “The most requested procedure is for the upper eyelids or neck. As they look at the camera, it hangs down or it looks like a double chin.”

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Comfort and imprisonment

“The epidemic has generally allowed everyone to step back and deal with these things,” says Ana Caceres, who used telecommunications to perform a cosmetic surgery she had long considered.

She recovered from her parents’ home in a suburb of Washington in 2020 after undergoing reconstruction and a breast lift.

“I didn’t have to take any leave at this time and was able to continue working from bed with my laptop,” said the 25-year-old journalist.

“When you live your life, when you go out, it’s so easy to put things off,” he adds, stamping with a high-cut top smile purchased before the surgery, which he now dares to wear. She does not plan to stop there, she plans to do liposuction with her hands.

Her surgeon, Dr. Catherine Hannan, has a series of consultations at her clinic in the center of the US capital. The number of its clients has almost doubled since the outbreak began. “I see more angry lines,” he says, because last year (his patients) was so stressful.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, he concludes that repetition of a part of the face or body can also have a psychological impact. “It’s not like I can tell patients, ‘I can not travel, I can not see my family, now there’s something I can do to be more confident.


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