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actor Iron Man He continued, “If you don’t agree with Chris, I have a new idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit down with your #personal flaws, work on them, then celebrate your humanity…prattprattpratt I #gotyerbackback.”

After Berg’s post went viral, weeks before the US presidential election, Ruffalo, 53, tweeted, “Prattprattpratt, they’re a tough guy. I know him personally, and instead of slanderers see how he’s living his life.” This is not the case as an openly political norm. This is a distraction. Let’s focus our eyes on the prize, folks. We are very close now. “

In December, Pratt took to Instagram to jokingly brag about his success in a charity fantasy football league in which he competed with Evans and Hemsworth. “I had two very close wins, the last of which was for Chris Evans,” the Guardians of the Galaxy representative said in a video clip. “I defeated Chris Hemsworth last week, so I think we can finally end this discussion of ‘Who is better Chris? “

Then he added, “It’s one of them. But I take it despite the body fat content. So I’m more optimistic. Take that gang.”

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