Yann Barthès guest at day to day On Thursday, September 23, Michelle Yoon mischievously brought up the important lessons that his father, a psychologist who specializes in families, inherited. Deflation in the family helps …

TF1 had a slight slope morning live this week. The channel broadcasts fictitious, French affair (Dedicated to the Gregory Affair) Then run away This Thursday evening in the one who casts a certain Michael Young. The former free-electron of M6, who specializes in humor and transcends boundaries, has been transformed in recent years into a record we barely know: a dramatic actor. An opportunity for him to talk about his personal life and in particular his role as a father and the education he wants to give his children Seven, 10, and Stiller, 2. But before he became a father, Michelle Yun had a son.

“Teach me very, very beautiful values”

His father held a position that necessarily resonated with those who are trying to educate their children in the best way: “With Father of a psychiatrist-family psychiatristI went to the right school. My kids love to play a lot and I think so By playing we can accomplish a lot of thingsHe explained this week in an interview with Télé-Poche.

a guest day to day This Thursday, the 47-year-old actor did not escape asking Jan Bartes about the values ​​his father could instill in him because of his profession. “Like all parents, he taught me very, very good values. He taught me that in communication, the most important thing is not necessarily to speak but to listen“He says, even if he remembers it”Shoemakers are not always the best shoes“It’s as if she was softening people’s image of her relationship with her father.”Teach me to listen and I think that with your children, what you have to do is listenHe adds with reference to the heavy topic taken up by his new TV movie, run away, where her daughter, played by Romain Jolie, who will make her acting debut, goes to prostitution rings to save the man she loves.

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