Bernard Campan fait partie des membres fondateurs des Inconnus, créé le 23 juin 1984.

The comedy trio will return to the cinema in the coming months, but the prospect of a new show, after thirty years of absence, is currently under discussion among the three actors.

Eight years since they released a joint movie. The fans’ wait for the trio of Didier Bourdon, Pascal Legitimus and Bernard Campan is almost over. The latter confirmed to BFM TV that «Yes, there is a movie with unknowns in the works. (…) We were waiting for it to be safe to talk about. But it clearly annoyed Pascal and Didier, so they talked about him first.»

Anonymous hasn’t released a joint feature film since then The Three Brothers: Back In 2014. The film, which was somewhat poorly received by critics, was a hit in theaters, racking up more than two million reviews. In addition to this return to film sets, the trio could appear on a TV show, but also on stage, twenty-nine years after their last show.

Bernard Campan on his posts

The prospect of returning to the councils seems to excite Pascal Legitimus and Didier Bourdon. The latter expressed at the beginning of the week on RTL his desire to “Taking old drawings and revisiting them”. He even provided a specific timetable for discussions between the three representatives. “Around the table, we will find other ideas. But we are not 30 years old. We can do a fairly original scenography. See you soon, on my birthday, at the end of the month, the twenty-second [janvier].»

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The enthusiasm is far from shared by Bernard Campan. “Going back to the stage, or giving a show, sketches … I leave his words to him, because I’d rather not go back there”, The actor explains to BFM, who realizes that “Of the three, I’m known to be the most resistant to a reunion.»

The danger of a failed comeback haunts many artists, especially the 63-year-old actor and director. The date of January 22 appears to be crucial to the sequence of events. “We’ll talk about it, quite simply, I’m keeping my streak. Today it frightens me to return, unknowns on stage, after 30 years of absence, with who we are, our ages, our physiques. I would get the impression that we are a cartoon of what we used to be. I’d be a little afraid of that and I’m pretty hesitant about it.Bernard Campan concludes. case to follow.


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