Lena Meyer Landrut has responded to allegations of theft from independent singer Dillon

Because of her new album “Kind,” Lena Meyer-Landrut finds herself exposed to the accusations of one of her colleagues. Photo: lenameyerlandrut / Instagram / leon Schlesselmann

After the allegations were stolen: Lena Meyer-Landrut defends herself against the indie singer

After a long period of radio silence, Lena Meyer-Landrut is celebrating her musical comeback on Instagram. There she announced her new album “Kind” last week and also revealed the alleged cover. You can see on it: the singer herself is surrounded by flowers; Pastel colors dominate the image.

While there is great joy among fans, the aforementioned post by independent artist Dillon was a thorn in the side. She’s also released a “Kind” CD in the past, and I’ve also realized the striking similarities in the cover design. On Instagram she sued Lina and wrote: “You should be ashamed of stealing from a less commercially successful artist.”

But now Dillon has deleted her comment. Remember why in an Instagram story. Meanwhile, Lena Meyer-Landrut left the allegations previously made about her lawyer atpicture“Langerhans.

Dillon retires after posting on social media

Dillon didn’t mince words on social media and let her anger out on Lena. Lina’s approach is another example of the abuse of power motivated by money. However, many users disagreed with the artist and noted, for example, that flowers and faces are just a popular motif for album covers.

However, not all comments in Dillon’s direction were factual. Instead, some Lena fans aggressively attacked the 33-year-old, who in turn has now pulled the rope. Dillon deleted her accusation post against Lina and posted a new story on Instagram. she says:

Dillon explains why she was acquitted of her allegations against Lina. Photo: dillonzky / instagram

Dillon has not explicitly stated whether she continues to make allegations against Lina, but her latest statement indicates that it is above all the hostility in social networks that prompted her to take this step.

Lena Mayer-Landrut takes a stand

But Lena Meyer-Landrut spoke at the same time. As Dillon revealed himself on Instagram, she received a personal message from her colleague. Lina made her the following offer: “Feel free to contact me on Instagram, then we can talk about her and get her out of the way.” It wasn’t clear at first whether the conversation actually took place.

Finally, Lena released a few sentences that go along with ‘Bild’ through her attorney. The statement explained: “As you can see on Instagram, Lena Mayer Landrut attempted to discuss singer Dillon’s allegations with her in person over the phone. Unfortunately, Dillon refused.

The ESC 2010 winner also comments on the original claims. She refused this through her lawyer with the following words: “The accusation of singer Lina of stealing the title, artwork and photos from her album ‘Kind’ is unfounded in all respects.”

Then came the attorney’s conclusion: “Regardless of the fact that our client and her creative team didn’t even know about Dillon’s work until a few days ago, Comparing the two covers shows that the designs are completely different. There is absolutely no basis for talking about intellectual property theft here. The accusation will not stand up in any court.”

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Particularly interesting about the admission is the sentence that Lena supposedly didn’t know Dillon’s art lately – In fact, she is following the Brazilian German singer on Instagram. However, in this case it will be very difficult to prove intellectual property theft.


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