Madonna: Her son Rocco uses a pseudonym to sell his paintings at exorbitant prices

After studying art at a prestigious school in London, Rocco Ricci, Madonna’s son, is currently offering his works for sale. According to information reported by the American media, PageSixFriday, December 17, 2021, the 21-year-old sells his paintings under a pseudonym He runs At exorbitant prices.

Madonna is a happy mother. to me He is sixty-three years old, actress At the head of a tribe of six children of them Rocco Ricci was born on August 11, 2000, In Los Angeles. A son from his previous relationship with British director Guy Ritchie. And in London, the 21-year-old implements his projects. In fact, He studied art at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School. Rocco takes the art he teaches very seriously. He’s had a few moody years, but now he’s devoting himself to this new course and feels like he really fits in with his classmates.source said daily Mail In 2019. After earning his degree, Lourdes’ brother naturally started as a painter. and she is under Alias ​​Reid who – which He displays his work in the Tanya Baxter Contemporary Gallery. “Reed is an emerging artist with diverse and unconventional cultural backgrounds. He is inspired by graffiti artist Banksy and She considers herself a major player in the London art scene.”, Indicates PageSix Friday, December 17, 2021.

The cost of the works is approximately 29 thousand euros

Listed on the online sales site lay downBuyers are offered Rocco Ritchie paintings at £24,000 each, i.e. Approximately 29,000 euros. A huge amount for a young artist. However, this is not the first time he has shown his paintings to the public since his first exhibition was held at the gallery in July 2018. Happened for Him It was warmly received by critics : “Rhed has embraced a new kind of DIY art Expressive vitality and street energy. It’s no surprise that he tried graffiti at first.”Can we read on the site? i liked. An undeniable talent from mother to son.

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