At the helm of “Everyone Wants To Take His Place” since 2006, Nagui decided to quit his presentation. In this France 2 game where six candidates answer general culture questions, hoping to confront the defending champion and take his place, Nagui is often noticed for his sometimes daring jokes with the participants. But after 15 years at the helm of the Daily Show, Nagui wanted a change. “It’s been nearly three years since I mentioned the need to update the game, even to renew myself. I felt there was a gap between me and the show,” he said in announcing his decision on Wednesday, April 14th in Parisian. Faced with the lack of development of the game over the years, Nagui preferred to leave his place.

The impression it was “photographed in 1974”

He was invited in C à vous to present the series that he co-produced “School of Life” – which will start on April 21 in France 2 – Nagoy returned to announcing his departure about “Everyone Wants To Take His Place”, which he considers “a small event”. “There are definitely people who were disappointed or sad from this announcement, and there are definitely people who are very happy with this announcement, and after that there will be a happy medium, meaning that he will continue with another person. And so it is much better.” From the first release to the ones that will be running through until July, it’s exactly the same engine, and at the same time. I wanted to make some buzz changes to update this game, I always had the impression when I see it was filmed in 1974. And it didn’t happen. It was possible. , With co-production, we didn’t agree and relied too much on chatting

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Written by Mary Merlett


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