Venom 2: They filter out a supposed post-credit scene that will confirm the multiverse and make a fan's dream come true |  TV and show

A few days after the premiere of the movie Poison: Let there be CarnageAnd An alleged post-credit scene leak keeps fans in awe.

The clip was shared on Instagram by profile TheJokingGeek, and if it is real, it will show a significant moment not only in Venom, but also for Spider Man.

Although it’s hard to hear what’s going on because of the quality of the pictures, you can recognize Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) lying around watching TV. At some point, things start to shake and It seems that man has been taken to another reality.

It is present when Venom is present and approaches the screen Where the image of Spider-Man appears, played by Tom Holland.

Although it is not known whether the clip is real or not, the truth is that if so, it will be confirmed. A multiverse with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Where the Netherlands brings Spider-Man to life.

It should be noted that unlike the rest of the Marvel characters, the rights to Spider-man and his universe are in the hands of Sony.

The alleged leak joins a short slow motion clip from the movie Spider-man: No Way Home, in which a creature very similar to Venom appears.

Poison: Let there be Carnage It will premiere October 1 in the United States and October 7 in Chile.

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