NATO summit, Turkey towards yes at the entrance to Finland and Sweden.  Stoltenberg:

“Turkey has expressed its concerns. But I am confident that we will find a solution and an agreement.” This is an opinion Jens StoltenbergNATO Secretary General, via the informal summit of NATO foreign ministers held today in Berlin. He said that “Turkey – as he said – is not trying to prevent its accession.” Mircea Geoana, Deputy Secretary BoyHe had said that during last night’s dinner with representatives of Finland and Sweden, there was a “constructive atmosphere”. A perception confirmed by the German Foreign Minister Annala BarbukOn the sidelines of the summit, he said: “If Parliament and the people of Sweden and Finland so decided, NATO entryWe will be stronger.” But Turkey, which opposed Stockholm and Helsinki joining NATO, imposed its conditions: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Finland and Sweden “should stop supporting the PKK.” Moscow was hung The possibility of the two Scandinavian countries entering NATO according to which “Russia has no hostile intentions in relation to Finland and Sweden”, except for specifying that this step “will not remain without a political reaction”.

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