A house on fire after a firecracker exploded on March 21, 2021 in Ontario. – See Fomicinda / AB / Ciba

A real play was played Tuesday in California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Rescue workers said two people were killed when a house was destroyed and a large firecracker exploded.

A powerful eruption shook the city of Ontario, 60 km east of Los Angeles. “A large amount of firecrackers were ignited, causing a huge fire,” the municipality said on Twitter shortly, urging people to avoid the area. City Fire Chief Ray Keik explained at a news conference that they are professional pyrotechnics, “you usually see them at fireworks shows.”

Seminars always on the site

Aerial images aired on local television showed a large house in flames, the roof of which exploded, the cause of which has not yet been determined. Deminers and police are still on site and called on municipal residents to be extra careful because there may still be unexploded ordnance.

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