Black lions give up the possibility of being a leader

Cesar Huerta / Quadratine Jalisco

Guadalajara, Galle, April 1, 2022. – Lions Negros were topping the rankings on hand. To get first place, he needed to beat Tampico Madero. But at home, it was difficult for him to achieve good results. This Friday, he had an advantage in Jalisco, but he didn’t know how to keep it and eventually had to settle for a 1-1 draw, on the 15th date of the 2022 Expansion League Finals.

Barely played the fifth minute of the match, when the University of Guadalajara organized a counterattack. Nominated Carlos Balthazar Left for Daniel Amador. Inside the area, he played towards the middle with great intelligence. Colombian Wilbur Renteria arrived on time perfectly with the ball and pushed it to the bottom early 1-0 for the local team.
But Tampico Madero, who finished last in the standings, showed that his football is more competitive than the numbers indicate. In the 29th minute, Juan de Alba, a player from the Black Lions, combed the ball in the middle of the field, fought it from above and sent it towards his goal. Joel Perez was attentive and got to the roundabout to escape. Slim Hernandez was knocked out, but the visitor went down to make the score 1-1.

In the supplementary part, the two teams searched for the teams’ goal. They were not satisfied with the partial tie. At 54, Daniel Amador received from the right and went to the middle to fire a powerful left-footed shot that went to the side. A minute later, Jorlian S├ínchez appeared enabled at the edge of the small area.

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He made contact with his right leg, but the visiting goalkeeper veered to a corner kick.
Tampico Madero also made attempts to get out of the basement of the arrangement. Oscar Macias took the tour out of the area. The distance was wide, but there was confidence. He hit a powerful shot that forced Salem Hernandez to fly. He converted the ball, which immediately hit the crossbar to take a corner kick, at 60.

In the final stage of the match, the University of Guadalajara attacked with more insistence. The team led by Alfonso Sosa was one victory away from taking the lead. However, he did not find the target he was looking for so much. With a draw, the Lions team reached 29 units, in second place in the Clausura Championship 2022, and Madero, for his part, did not reach 10 points and remained at the bottom of the classification.


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