Jungle Camp 2022: Linda Nobott confronts Eric Stefest at night - “It sucks

Updated on 01/30/2022 to 01:14 am

  • In the jungle camp, cabin fever occurs, which attracts one candidate in particular: Eric Stefest.
  • A human need almost drives the GZSZ actor to break the rules at night – much to the displeasure of fellow camper Linda Nobott.
  • She has a big problem with the attitude of the 32-year-old.

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For a week, Eric Stefest disappeared into the jungle camp – at least it felt like it. He was not selected for the forest exams, nor did he receive much coverage through the remarkably wonderful life confessions. As the well-known Jungle Camp Collar wants, the bad mood is now breaking with the former GZSZ star – all of a sudden the 32-year-old confronts him completely.

After a verbal exchange with Philip Pavlovich, he also picked up Linda Nobott. She was talking to Tina Rowland about her ex – relationship during a night watch, when Eric Stefest stumbled over and asked one of the two to please go with him to the toilet in the woods. Because, as per the camp rule, the selectors are allowed to go to the toilet only if they are with them. However, according to camp rules, the campfire must always be defended by two candidates.

While the others were asleep, Eric Steffes broke the night watch of Tina Rowland (2nd from right) and Linda Knobt – then Zoff with a request. “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” Runs on RTL and RTL +.


“You have to wake someone up, we can not go from here,” Linda tried to explain to Eric. But he responded without hesitation. “I have nothing to do. I can go alone. Any of you get up now – or I’m going alone,” Eric threatened, breaking the rules.

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When Tina Roland actually made preparations to wake someone up for the burn, Linda intervened harshly. “No, Tina, he can wake someone up. He does not want to do dirty work,” said the former “speaker” candidate. “He can not threaten us – he can not do that. Please sit down. I will not give anything if he breaks the rules. He has to wake someone up.”

Jungle Camp: Linda Nobot confronts Eric Stefest – “it’s too bad”

Intelligence? Eric didn’t show it despite Linda’s announcement – and was stubborn. In the end, Tina does not wake her friend Tara Tabitha so she can go to the toilet with Eric. And Linda? She was boiling with anger. “It’s really disgusting. Let others shit for you so you can be nice,” she lamented – adding back when the actor went to the toilet with Tara.

She was also annoyed that there was a false image of Eric in Tina’s eyes. “Tina, how much do you like him: please open your eyes,” she told the “Manda, Manda” actress. “This guy is constantly trying to make himself better with us. It’s not possible!”

Eric Stefest later revealed that he was afraid to wake someone up on the phone in the woods. “I no longer have the heart to tear people from their resting stage.”

Tara Tabitha in Eric Stephens: “He was very detached”

Over the past few days, Eric Stefest has made repeated attacks of dissent and slander against his person. Londa Knob had already accused him of “fake”. How did she come to this conclusion? Simply put: he rarely opens his mouth. Aside from his emotional confession about his current relationship with his mother, the audience has not heard much from him so far.

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In an interview with our editors, Tara Tabitha also accused the actor of not showing his true self: “In my opinion, Eric is very hypocritical. I think he always blocks his point of view. He often says something. Many things annoy him, but he does not do it.” For what reason? “Because he wants to save face,” Tara guessed.

Eventually, Eric’s behavior – at another point during the night surveillance he went to the toilet alone – had repercussions: the RTL stopped shower water to candidates as a punishment for violations.

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