New Renzi bonus 2022: an additional €100 in salaries for employees with incomes below €28,000. Here’s everything you need to know.

Good news for the world of work. Payroll will change effective January 1, 2022 for employees. with the Reform personal income tax rates 2022In fact, the discounts become more substantial.

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the New 100 reward for 2022 (previous Renzi bounty). This measure was introduced by the 2014 Renzi Decree, then became structural with the 2015 Budget Act.

Originally the bonus was an additional €80 in employee paychecks. Over time, the economic contribution increased to 100 euros. But the cards on the table are now changing. There are some interesting innovations introduced in the 2022 Budget Act.

The maneuver actually gave the green light for a far-reaching tax reform. Which modifies the system of tax deductions on personal income. Rates range from 5 to 4. As a result, payment slips for 2022 will differ from payment statements for 2021. The Renzi bonus will continue to be recognized, albeit in a new version, for employees who have Annual income between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros.

But there is a significant novelty: However, their bonuses to employees in the above income bracket may be reduced (or no longer receives it on the payment voucher) If other tax deductions (first home loan, dependent family members, construction work) exceed the total tax payable.

Bonus Renzi 2022: a smaller audience of beneficiaries

IRPEF 2022 €100 Bonus (formerly Renzi Bonus): With the tax reform stipulated in the 2022 Budget Law, it will come to one Smaller audience of beneficiaries. Employees whose annual income does not exceed 15,000 euros will findn A payment voucher of 100 EUR. So, for them, no scissors.

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Renzi rewards 2022
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instead of, For all people with annual income between 15,000 and 28,000 euros, the contribution will be calculated as the difference between the total tax and deductions due. However, he will not be able to exceed the ceiling of 1,200 euros per year.

In summary, the amount of the economic contribution, which is rather large, depends on the tax deductions you are entitled to. However, nothing has changed for Naspi recipients. Throughout 2022, they will continue to receive a bonus of €100, added every month, for a maximum of 12 months.

Outside of the cases just described, let’s see instead What is changing for employee commons with the new tax reform. For them, the bonus will be replaced by new and more substantial tax deductions recognized on earned income. The maximum amount will be 3100 EURAn increase of 65 euros for taxpayers whose income is between 25 thousand and 35 thousand euros.

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The IRPEF 2022 bonus will accrue, to all those who can obtain it, as an ‘extra’ in the paycheck. A government contribution that, without a doubt, wants to give a boost to the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and which is putting many Italian families in a bind.

So the Draghi government is following the path of the previous government, and continue to provide various types of aid and incentives. The aim is to Increasing the purchasing power of citizens To purchase goods and services, and provide some strategic sectors of the national economy.

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One of these is the building The incentives were paid out between 2020 and 2021. But there is one Interesting news also for 2021 holiday bonus: It has not been extended but in fact, beneficiaries will still be able to use it throughout 2022.


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