There are also millionaires in Davos who want to raise taxes

“The only reliable result of this agreement will be to tax the richest people. And tax us now,” said British millionaire Phil White, while participating in a protest against the privileges of the so-called “1 percent” of the world’s population during Forum in Davos, Switzerland. White became wealthy as a financial advisor and a member of the National Millionaires Group, a group of American and European millionaires who demand that the world’s governments impose higher taxes on their likewise rich.

Together with White was a thirty-year-old Austrian, Marilyn Engelhorn, very rich because of her family: a descendant of Frederick Engelhorn, founder of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company. Last year, Engelhorn launched a petition called Taxmenow demanding higher asset taxes in Austria and Germany.

About 150 millionaires and other millionaires from different countries have signed an open letter to people attending the Davos forum to demand higher taxes: among them are actor Mark Ruffalo, heiress Abigail Disney and Nick Hanauer, an American entrepreneur who was among the first to invest in Amazon.

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The Davos Forum is attended by more or less celebrities, from leaders of Western countries to billionaire entrepreneurs to lesser-known journalists and experts. Of the 2,500 people invited to speak at the forum this year, 50 are heads of state and government and more than 250 ministers from around the world.

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