Merkel was born into the race for leadership.  Renzi hopes to maneuver Draghi

Angela Merkel and the United StatesAngela Merkel and NATO. Double duo with some focal points and many dark sides. The outgoing German chancellor has not officially left office yet, pending the conclusion of negotiations to form the new German government, but she has already been pulled from the jacket. It is not yet known if Frau Angela wants to immediately engage in another leadership role or if she wants to enjoy some healthy retirement. But in the meantime, choices about his future are being lost. Even those who were once considered impossible, such as the appointment to the post of NATO Secretary General, given that Jens Stoltenberg’s term expires in 2022.

One hypothesis, if we consider that Merkel did not fully explain Berlin’s relations with Washington, nor relations with NATO. Topics that Merkel rarely addresses at home and abroad: defense and security and Germany’s relationship with NATO. Everything related to the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Germany. It is all related to Germany’s role in Europe and NATO. The issues were not fully clarified, also due to the pragmatic nature of the relations that Merkel developed with Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin and with Cina di Xi Jinping. Pragmatism which was not very popular abroad. Relations with Donald Trump have been at least stormy, but even Joe Biden does not welcome the German green light for the North Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany.

However, Germany’s outgoing ruler could now take on the leadership role of NATO, if she wanted to. At least those are the rumors that have been reported as well Republic. After gaffes in Afghanistan and Okus, Washington needs a name that will appeal to the European Union. A name that makes you feel the old, traditional partners involved in American geopolitical and strategic engineering. It is difficult to find a more mediating and standardizing name than Merkel. Also because other hypotheses risk causing more resentment. A name, for example, is rated highly Theresa May Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. But after the Aukus affair and the Australian government’s unilateral collapse of the submarine pact, it seems at least complicated that France’s Emmanuel Macron, burned out over the affair to say the least, could say yes. Not to mention that Brexit has created some rift, to put it mildly, between London and Brussels.

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