Sky reporter Marcus Lindemann speaks in a video message.

Commentator Marcus Lindemann will speak in a video message on January 7, 2022 about his one-sided facial paralysis and his return after a long break.

Good news from Sky: Renowned football commentator Markus Lindemann is back on the microphone after a long illness. Although the right half of his face is paralyzed!

When Bayer 04 Leverkusen welcomes Union Berlin to a duel for European venues on Saturday (January 8, 2022) (3.30pm, Sky), a man will be seated at the Sky mic that fans haven’t been able to hear for so long.

Marcus Lindemann (56 years old) is back – and personally announced it in a social media post from his employer Sky: “The most beautiful thing in the world is now working for me again. Unfortunately, I had to sit for a long time. The reason is paralysis of the right side of my face ” .

Lindemann: “I hope you understand the pronunciation”

The popular commentator suddenly stopped working: “After an operation, the nerve responsible for it was affected, resulting in what is known as facial nerve paralysis. Doctors and therapists assure me that my nerves and muscles will be fully working again – but no one currently can say when this will be the case. “.

The special patch now ensures that Lindemann is up for action once again and can shine once again with his expertise in the exciting duel between Werkself and Iron.

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Lindemann: “There are many people who are much worse than me. That is why I do not want any pity, but I do want to understand that in the near future my pronunciation will sound different from what was expected before.”

Lots of encouragement after a video message from Sky reporter Marcus Lindemann

In any case, there was plenty of encouragement on Twitter for the brave approach taken by Lindemann and his Sky announcer.

This means that there are two kinds of good news for football fans on TV. Because on Sunday, Florian Koenig (54) will return after a long struggle with illness as a supervisor at Sport 1-“One – two ‘in front of the cameras. Koenig is also on RTL to broadcast matches of the German national team as well as for Formula 1.

In December, he announced his television comeback on Sunday (January 9, 2022). So far, Lindemann is back, too. The year started off well for football fans!


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