Ed Sheeran accused of plagiarism in 'Shape of you': listen to both versions here

It’s raining on British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Yesterday he faced the first hearing in the trial brought against him for alleged plagiarism of his famous song shape for you.

The lawsuit was brought by artist Sami Shukri, better known as Sami Switch, and music producer Ross O’Donogh, who both argue that shape for you He has “certain lines and phrases” from his song Why, from 2015.

Strictly speaking, Shukri and O’Donogo say the “Oh I” chorus from shape for you ‘Strikingly similar’ to that of Why And that it’s “quite likely” that Sheeran has heard his song before. Sheeran and his colleagues denied this.

Today, during the second day of interrogation by Shukri and O’Donoghe’s attorney Andrew Sutcliffe, Sheeran repeatedly sang the chorus of “Oh I.” She also sang lines from songs like Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” in the same key to show how similar melodies can sound.

When asked several times about the similarities between choirs, Sheeran repeatedly told the High Court of London: “They are both pentatonic scales each using vowels.”

Sheeran said Monday that he didn’t know Sammy Switch at the time he was accused of copying parts of WhyAnd he did not hear the song before the trial.

Listen to Sami Switch and Ross O’Donoghue’s song, Why.

Listen to Sheeran’s song, shape for you.

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