“I loved her and was drawn to her, now I realize I was wrong.”

Travis Feldgrove, 42, admitted that he had marry his daughterSamantha Kercher, 21 years old. The man explained that he met the girl at the age of seventeen, after her mother revealed her father and between the two will be. A strong attraction is born Which turned into incest.

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The facts go back to 2018, when the wedding took place, after which Feldgrove was arrested and sentenced, but these days he is back to freedom admitting he was wrong. The couple began dating as a father and daughter, but then a strong physical attraction arose. According to police reports, the two, who lived between Adams County, Nebraska, US, and neighboring Hall County, had so many sexual relations that Kircher would even compete with her husband’s wives.

The couple announced the wedding on Facebook, which was deemed null and void because they were illegal. Feldgrove initially denied he was Kirchner’s father, but DNA tests later showed otherwise. The 21-year-old was sentenced to 20 days in prison and her father to two years in prison. Both made it clear that they understood their relationship was wrong, and the 42-year-old added that the prison was a revelation to him, giving him the opportunity to reflect and understand the man he really is and wants to be.

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