White coup.  Now Moldova is armored

While he was the president of Moldova, Maya Sandow, will not be able to participate for unspecified health reasons in today’s public events that will witness the visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to Chisinau, the country is increasingly concerned about the military escalation that Putin wants to a few tens of kilometers from the border with Odessa shot and sword. As seen on Giornale.it, in fact, the Russian president could decide to expand the conflict in Chisinau because the final Russian control of southern Ukraine would favor access to Transnistriathe breakaway pro-Russian region of Moldova,There were also cases of persecution of the Russian-speaking populationAs announced by General Rustam Minkayev, Deputy Commander of the Central Russian Military District.

risk of overturning

There are two ways: Either you ask NATO for help or Putin asks for it. Just today, Victory Day in Russia, the pro-Russian leader Igor Dodon organized a demonstration to protest against the government. hypothesis “coup White “is not out of reach and Sandu has raised the alert to the maximum to avoid scenes of urban warfare. The United Nations is clearly on the side of the Moldovans and Moldova, a bilingual country (Russian and Romanian).”The Russians do not need to take over Moldova, they already are“, says one of the citizens a Republic While walking in the park. In Chisinau every street corner speaks of socialism, from streets to council houses.

Preventing provocation and destabilization

The Moldovan authorities are closely monitoring the situation. The lives of citizens of both banks of the Dniester are very important to us. We do everything that depends on us to maintain security, prevent provocation and destabilizationi ”, allegedly said Sandu according to the rumors of the Russian agency taxAfter the new explosions in the region of Transnistria with the participation of the special services of Moldova in the investigation. In short, the Russians are already in the country because it is part of the territory anyway Verification by Putin’s men. Even if Transnistria did not exist on paper,”She remained a doll in the times of the Soviet Union that no one recognized“As experts in the sector say, under the auspices of the Russians a few kilometers away, they bombed the coastal city of Odessa.

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Aid for Moldova

As the Romanian President expressed his closeness, Klaus Johannes, during a telephone conversation with Maya Sandhu about security developments in the country and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Yohannes emphasized,Romania’s full solidarity with Moldova“In addition to talking about the issuance of the law on ratification of the “technical and financial assistance” agreement, thanks to which Moldova will be assisted with financial assistance of 100 million euros. The two heads of state also spoke about what is happening in Transnistria condemns “Any provocation and attempt to involve Moldova in actions that could endanger its peace and security“.


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