Yanet Garcia.

Photo: Charlie Galley/Getty Images

former weather girl Yanette Garcia Millions of his fans have left their mouths open after he was seen in a recent post showing off his adorable body without leaving the top a little to the imagination.

The model was seen in a very festive and sensual mood as she managed to turn the temperature up on her official Instagram account as she impressed her fans with very little outfits and an alluring look.

He can be seen in the photo with his back to the camera in a Santa Claus style hat and red rubber pants that mimic Santa’s pants, but what really caught everyone’s breath is that he looks topless leaving her back completely exposed.

As expected, his over 14 million followers on the social network were just too excited to see him wasted such a waste of excitement and all with the goal of wishing them a ‘Happy Birthday’, so they filled the box with praise from the comments on the post.

Merry Christmas“It is what Mexico wrote from the homeland of Monterrey.

While standing with her leg raised, one of her arms was raised against the wall, fully revealing her famous back guard who is now able to make a huge impact among her fans who were amazed by her stunning beauty.

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