Miss World 2021: The elections were postponed to the last minute due to Covid

Despite the reinforcement of health measures, new positive cases were identified Thursday morning. “It was decided to postpone after consulting with health officials and experts.”, outlines a press release from the Miss World Organization. “The next step, according to medical experts, is immediate quarantine.” Waiting for more tests. Those affected will only be able to reach their countries after receiving the green light from local health authorities.

“We can’t wait to see our competitors (who we knew and love) back in contention for the crown.”, said the head of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley.

“I packed my bags, did everything (…). It was put off, it’s not like we can’t do it anymore”French actress April Benayoum commented in a live broadcast on Instagram. “I am very disappointed that I am still holding this election for a month. But there are more serious things in life, let’s keep it positive”added in the story. The first runner-up for Miss France 2021 must return to her native Provence to start the Christmas holidays all over again. The party must be held “Within 90 days”, still in Puerto Rico.

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