Gawr Gura 3 million YouTube sub milestone

Hololive’s Gawr Gura has been a VTuber success story for the past 12 months, and now, she has all the appreciation to show. Kizuna has surpassed AI to become YouTube’s most popular VTuber, smashing a major milestone along the way.

Of all the Hololive EN VTubers, none has been more famous than Gawr Gura. Since it debuted in September 2020, it has brought more YouTubers into the mainstream fold than any avatar before.

Her personality – a cute shark – and her mix of games and music content impressed everyone. Now, she has all the plaudits to go along with that.

Gura Giant smashed through 3 million tag subscribers on YouTube ⁠— her fan base is called Chumbuds ⁠— becoming the first VTuber to do so.

The fact that she did so within 12 months, before the multiple generations of Hololive talent that debuted before her, is even more impressive.

YouTube: Gura Giant

Gawr Gura is now the largest VTuber in the world, breaking 3 million subscribers.

In doing so, it also outperformed Kizuna AI, which is widely considered to be the first VTuber. Kizuna owns AI 2.97 million subscribers on YouTube, which was officially overtaken by Gura on June 30.

Jor Jura also earned a profit Almost $1 Million in Super Chat Profits on YouTube (similar to donations on Twitch) during 10 months on the platform, making it in Top 30 of the podium According to Playboard stats.

VTubers users often have huge celebrations for their notable streams like 1 million or even 2 million subscribers. She celebrated her past streams with karaoke party.

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With an unprecedented 3 million mark, it is expected to be a huge celebration throughout the entire Hololive family. It’s also possible that it will break that million dollars in Super Chat earnings as well.

This comes after Hololive announced the first launch of the merchandise for English VTubers users. Gawr Gura itself will be immortalized in a Nendoroid form that fans will be able to pick up in the coming months once it’s pre-ordered.

The second most subscribed VTuber in the Hololive family is Inugami Korone with 1.57 million, with Usada Pekora in third place with 1.56 million.

Mori Calliope is Hololive’s second most-subscribed English talent with 1.53 million (4th overall).


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