Dragon's Dogma II: The sequel is finally confirmed (and that's it)!

After extand the appearance of darkness And the series on NetflixFrench Dragon Doctrine It can stop there. But players discovered with interest the possibility of access to a Dragon Dogma 2 as part of a a leak that sticks to the shoes Capcom The projects he listed have also been confirmed.

Inevitably, when the publisher revealed a site and then a live video special marking the 10th anniversary of the licensing, there was reason to suspect something, and rightly so. Director Hideaki Itsuno used the event to review the history of the short story and its characteristicsAction RPG solo before To formalize this famous Dragon Doctrine II.

at? And that’s it ! The team simply took off their jackets to reveal a shirt with the game’s name on it, saying that This was under developmentbut not least tractor Not broadcast. The official site It is quite laconic, with the words “certified” placed next to the logo. After a long wait, this border is in a farce, but it could also mean that the project isn’t quite that advanced, much to the chagrin of fans.

While waiting for pre-orders to open, Dragon’s Creed: Appearance of Darkness available from 19.90 euros in Amazon.

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