Argentine actor Sebastien Rulli He caught all eyes after revealing a catchy post about how he celebrated his birthday.

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through your account Instagramhaving more than 11 and a half million followers, participated in a carousel with many photos in which he was seen as God brought him into the world.

“Today I celebrate life, as God introduced me into the world 47 years ago!
Like this, or more clearly pour water on it.
Grateful for life and for the people who have been a part of my history, those who are here and make me so happy and for those who are yet to come!!
Happy and full! In love and with a lot of illusions and a desire to keep fighting!!
Thank you for all the love and affection!! Realizing how blessed I am to have you all.
There is nothing better than sharing and joining forces with good feelings to infect those who do not have the joy of feeling love and gratitude.
Keep adding and multiplying!!
L @s amoooo!!!
Thank you, dear Angelique Boyer, for giving me a chance to lay my hand before taking pictures.”
wrote in another description.

After his announcement, he achieved thousands of likes and comments as he was filled with compliments.

Angelique Boyer dedicated a beloved publication to him

His partner, actress, Angelique Boyer, dedicated a romantic post to express his love for him.

“My love life, a very happy birthday! Many of us celebrate your presence today so that all your wishes come true What is the blessing of dawn by your side and what joy this day causes me because the being that makes me the happiest I was born, I know it is your birthday, but the gift is yours to us. Love your personality the way you go through difficult situations. I love your family. How positive you are. I love that smile after a kiss, when our eyes meet and makes me shake, also when you sing, yeah when you sing when we make a barbecue for us and when you make me cry laughing and make you laugh, that’s so much fun, I love how authentic and free it is! Crazy things we do, I love imagining my life with you! I love you with all my might! I hope a very blessed return to the sun comes! “he added.

Sebastien Rulli's message from Angelique Boyer

It should be remembered that the actress turned a few days ago, and he also dedicated words of love to her.

“My love…today I celebrate your life!!!
Your presence makes me so happy because the good wishes towards you are endless.
May this new return of the sun surprise you day by day, and may your dreams and fantasies continue to come true. May health always be with you and allow me to hold on to you without ever letting go!!
Happy birthday my heaven!!
I love you !!! “
Tell him.

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