Lets Dance 2021 Kandidaten

The fourteenth season of Let’s Dance has begun! Introducing RTL’s celebrity candidates and their dance partners – and we reveal who’s actually been fired:

Recently divorced Jan Hoover After 36 years as a spokesperson for Tagesschau, we are already watching TV in it again. He is the oldest “let’s dance” candidate in 2021 – next year Uma ObamaShe is the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, who specializes in German studies, sociologist, keynote speaker, and journalist.

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In the person of a pop star Mickey KrauseAnd the Sina AmarAnd the Els Delange And the Vanessa Negert RTL managed to convince four musicians to participate in “Let’s Dance” 2021 as a candidate. There are also two representatives: Valentina Bahdi And the Errol Sander.

Two athletes also make homage on the dance floor: a former soccer professional Rurik Gislason And boxers Simon Zachenhuber. Although he was always home in Formula 1, he would definitely be a sports reporter Kay Ebel Looking forward.

The candidate field is completed by a moderator If not for WebertWho mainly focus on Instagram Made a name, and Nicholas Bushman, First gay bachelor’s degree from RTL (“Prince Charming”). Will be in “let’s go dancing” Dancing with a man. Initially he had a plan to share with a woman – but then his inspiration came from the Austrian version of the dance show (“Dancing Stars”), where two men danced together in early 2011.

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