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free fire It is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions of people from all countries enter every day in order to compete and be the best. In pursuit of this goal, many players spend real money on diamonds and thus buy skins and characters to improve the gameplay in Battle Royale.

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However, there are some players who would like to access a premium version of the title. For this reason, on August 29, Free Fire MAX pre-registration was enabled in the Android operating system (Google Play).

It should be noted that Free Fire is not one of the games with the best graphics for mobile. For this reason, they will release Free Fire MAX, a version that requires more graphic power from mobile phones and will contain more details.

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For the players’ enjoyment, the animations, effects, sound and gameplay have been replayed without touching the customization elements of existing accounts. The app will have Freelink, to link our traditional account to this new version of Free Fire.

This way, you will be able to traverse your progress, friends list, skins, and much more. In turn, Garena reported that they are currently working on a cross game between both versions.

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