NASA takes pictures of clouds on Mars: photos

The Rover Curiosity (“Curiosity” in Spanish), captured Pictures from displacement Clouds on Mars On Mount Sharp, which you share Jet Propulsion Laboratory From NASA.

What is curiosity?

It’s an exploration vehicler rover type It belongs to a space mission directed by NASA. issued On November 26, 2011 It landed on Mars in Gale Crater On August 6, 2012.

throughout his missionTake n dozens of samples dMartian rock dust and soil for your analysis. It also aims to investigate past and present capabilities From Mars to the host life. The originally planned duration of the mission It was one year. However, it has already 9 years of research on Mars.

Clouds on Mars

Clouds can be seen Drift across the sky of Mars in a 8 movie frame Created using images from the navigation camera on the Curiosity rover at NASA.

Shadows of these clouds It can be seen drifting across the terrain. These pictures were taken On December 12, 2021Mars day No. 3325or the sun, for the mission.

a second 8 movie framecaptured by the same navigation camera, showing drifting clouds Live on Curiosity. Scientists can calculate How fast the clouds move And the extent of their height in the sky compared to the two perspectives.

These clouds are high Approximately 80 kilometers on the roof. It is very cold at this heightwhich indicates that these clouds are formed carbon dioxide ice Instead of pulling water ice, which is commonly found at a low altitude.

Mars clouds They are very faint in the atmosphere, so tSpecial Photography Techniques to see them. Multiple photos are taken in order to get it clear and static background.

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that allows than anything else moving within the image (such as clouds or shadows) become visible After subtracting this static wallpaper From each photo individually.

The speed of the clouds’ movement is not mentioned, but the portal generally reports that near the surface of Mars the wind speed is about 7 to 35 kilometers per hour, which could be enough to provide wind power. on Mars.

Did not mention speed of movement of cloudsBut the gate Reports that in general Wind speed near the surface of Mars Between 7 and 35 kilometers per hourwhich may be sufficient to present Wind energy on Mars.


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